Use Cases


Build a Use Case

Welcome to the bonus mission of Discord missions! Submit a PR to our documentation under this section and provide a potential use case that Centrifuge can tap into, using the following categories:

  • Through the lens of an asset originator
    • Which markets around the world could benefit most from asset financing through centrifuge?
  • DeFi protocol composability
    • Centrifuge has started working with MakerDAO and Aave to create instant liquidity for Tinlake pools. What are other great partnership use cases for Centrifuge?
  • Centrifuge Chain (the home for RWA)
    • Centrifuge Chain is built for RWA origination. Tinlake is a great use case of what can be done with the Centrifuge chain. What are some other cases you can see for the Centrifuge chain?
  • Polkadot
    • Interoperability is crucial for DeFi’s success. What are some other projects in the Polkadot ecosystem that you think Centrifuge should integrate with?

For any of these categories above 👉 submit a PR to detail how each use case could work. Make sure to think about the entire flow, technology, and size of the potential!