Products Overview

Centrifuge includes all the features needed to finance real world assets on a blockchain, from tokenization, securitization, up to liquidity integrations, all built on each other and transparently governed by token holders. This page is a short introductory overview of the main products that Centrifuge provides.

Centrifuge Chain

The foundation of our platform is Centrifuge Chain, a layer-1 blockchain purpose-built for financing real world assets. Centrifuge Chain houses pools, their assets, tranches, onchain governance, the treasury, and the CFG token. Real-world assets are tokenized as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) to create an on-chain representation, and are linked to detailed off-chain data. The assets are pooled together and securitized by the issuer. Centrifuge Chain enables the creation of essential and robust features necessary for onchain real-world assets and integration with traditional financial systems.

The CFG Token, native to Centrifuge Chain, is used as an on-chain governance mechanism that empowers CFG holders to manage the development of the Centrifuge Protocol.

Via EVM compatibility, Centrifuge allows users to perform transactions via popular Ethereum-based wallets like MetaMask. With Liquidity Pools, users from across the Ethereum (and Ethereum Layer-2) ecosystem can contribute liquidity to Centrifuge Pools.

Centrifuge App

The Centrifuge App provides an interface for investors to invest in real-world assets and for issuers to manage their asset pools and draw financing from tokenized assets.

This app is accessible on any supported EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) chain, as well as through direct connection with Centrifuge Chain. The integration of Liquidity Pools enables investments from any supported EVM chain, removing the necessity for users to switch from their preferred chain (e.g., Ethereum, Arbitrum) to invest and redeem from pools on Centrifuge.

Liquidity Pools

Centrifuge's Liquidity Pools are sets of smart contracts that can be deployed on any Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chain — like Ethereum and its Layer-2 networks, as well as "Alt-L1s". Liquidity Pools allow users and organizations on these chains to invest in pools on Centrifuge without having to leave their native chain.

Centrifuge Prime

Centrifuge Prime is our product designed for onchain organizations such as DAOs, protocols, as well as entities like protocol foundations. Centrifuge Prime streamlines the process of onboarding and scaling a portfolio of real-world assets for these organizations.

It addresses both technical and legal/offchain considerations involved in investing in RWAs. Centrifuge Prime is instrumental, for instance, in how the decentralized lending platform Aave seamlessly invests a portion of its onchain treasury into real-world assets on Centrifuge.