This page gathers many resources to help you explore, research, and participate with Centrifuge — from sources of data and analytics to our official communication channels to articles and reports on real-world assets.

Data and Analytics

These sites allow you to explore the data underpinning Centrifuge (as well as the broader RWA ecosystem), from information on loans originated to asset classes represented on Centrifuge.

CFG token exchanges and market data

News and Social Media

These are all of our public communication channels in one place. Our Twitter and LinkedIn pages as well as our blog are great ways to keep up on Centrifuge. We also have podcasts, interviews, and panels uploading to our YouTube and Spotify pages.

Events and Campaigns

The Real-World Asset Summit, hosted by Centrifuge, brings together the brightest minds from both decentralized and traditional finance. Fixing Finance is our campaign to tell the story of what problems we're solving here at Centrifuge. Check them both out below.

Governance and Community

Get involved with the Centrifuge community. Our forum is for governance RFCs (Request for comments) and votes as well as general discussion about the platform and protocol. The Discord channel is more casual, and a great place to reach out if you need technical support or are looking to connect with the team for a partnership.

Essential reading

These are a few handpicked articles and reports diving into the thriving real-world asset ecosystem onchain. Give them a read to learn more about why we're building Centrifuge and the problems we're looking to solve!

For Developers

Centrifuge is open source software. You can explore our source code as well as professional audits of our protocol in the links below.